In Store Experience

We field quite a few questions that start with "What exactly do I need to do" from clients who are new to prescription eyewear or who have never visited an Independent Optician. So, here we go! These are just a few tips for you to be prepared;

Your prescription

First step is to bring in your most recent prescription so that we can have it on file. If you are in need of an eye test, we can arrange that for you with Optometrists that we work closely with and recommend. Contact us at 519-254-0252 or if you would like assistance with booking an eye test. 

Your vision care plan (if applicable)

If it is your first time visiting it can be helpful to have information regarding your vision care plan so that we can submit your vision care benefits on your behalf and also keep on file for future visits. 

Frame selection

Our goal and commitment to you is to make this the part that you will remember, enjoy and look forward to each time you are in need of new frames. Our selection of eyewear is extensive but not overwhelming and we can help you with finding the right frame for your face shape and offer our professional advice on size and fit. Choosing your glasses is a personal decision and can be an investment so you need to feel confident with your choice and of course, a little excited. 


Optical measurements

Aesthetics are an important factor when selecting your frames but it is also critical to consider certain optical measurements. These measurements will depend on a few factors, the strength of the client's prescription, the type of lenses, if any astigmatism is present and of course the style of the frames chosen. 

We will take your PD measurements (pupil distance measurement) which simply refers to the distance between the pupils. This measurement is taken one eye at a time and is important to do so if the client has a very strong prescription, progressive or high astigmatism. Even the slightest deviation in measurements can affect a client's vision. We take the time needed to take your measurements so that you can be reassured that the prescription will be tailored for your field of sight.

Short wait time

The time between selecting your eyewear and receiving them can vary depending on a few factors. The average wait time to pick up your new frames is usually 7-10 days and we will contact you as soon as they are ready! There could be a longer delay if the frames you selected are special order, backordered or your prescription is more complex. We usually have single vision lenses ready within a few days and do our best to accommodate reasonable timelines and requests. 

Pick up, payment, Vision plan submission

Expect to hear from our team as soon as your eyeglasses are available and ready for pick-up. If you have a vision care plan, we will take care of submitting this for you so that your invoice reflects only the balance you owe. We will take care of any frame adjustments necessary and make sure all of your questions are answered. 

Continued lifetime service

We provide glasses repairs to all of our customers. If a screw comes loose in your eyeglasses, if your lens breaks, or if your frames get bent or warped, come by the Optical. We're happy to repair any type of eyeglasses or recommend new ones if your current glasses aren't salvageable.

Our Optical is easy to access and there is no need to make an appointment. We are a smaller shop and it is quite easy to stop by to speak to us about any issues you may be having with your eyewear, including slight adjustments, warranty questions or just to stop by to say hello! 

The Soulliere Optical team